Monday, August 20, 2012

Penguin Australia's Destiny Romance is Seeking Submissions (Australia)

Post date: Monday, August 20, 2012
If you have written a gorgeous, romantic story, then we at Destiny Romance would love to see it. We are looking for love stories of all kinds told by wonderful, new Australian voices. We’re looking for compelling plots, vivid settings and characters we care deeply about. Above all, the focus must be on the development of the romantic relationship and the story must provide an emotionally satisfying ending.

Destiny Romance is a digital-first imprint, which means we have more freedom to publish a richer variety of romances and can publish new books very quickly. We will work closely with authors, providing expert editorial guidance and a marketing and publicity campaign that ensures your book is well promoted to a wide readership.

We want love stories that sweep us away and keep us up late reading because we can’t put them down.


Destiny Romance is passionately interested in all kinds of romantic fiction, from sweet and tender through to saucy and s3nsual. We’re looking for all subgenres, including but not limited to: contemporary, historical, suspense, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi and erotica. If you’ve come up with a new style of romance, then we’re interested in that too. We are accepting shorter length stories from 25,000 words right up to full-length novels of 100,000-plus. We will not consider manuscripts of less than 25,000 words, non-fiction work, children’s books or poetry.

A strong voice, originality and intense emotions will help your manuscript stand out in the crowd.

At this stage, we are particularly on the hunt for historical (Regency) romance, contemporary romance featuring high-powered men and women, medical romance, and erotic romance.


At present, we are only accepting submissions from Australian writers.

Please attach your manuscript (saved as a Word file) and a short synopsis as separate Word documents and send via email to

In the subject line of your email, please state the title of your book, and then genre (e.g. The Missing Heiress/romantic suspense). Please include in the body of your email the following information:
  • Title.
  • Brief summary (two or three sentences).
  • Any previous publishing history and/or writing awards you’ve received.
  • Where would your books sit in the marketplace – i.e. what books would you see as a comparison titles to yours, what authors are similar to you, who is the intended audience for your book, etc.
  • Has this proposal been sent to other publishers?
We can only consider fully completed manuscripts. We are only accepting submissions electronically – sorry, but hardcopy submissions will be recycled. All submissions will be treated confidentially.

When you send your submission, you’ll receive an automatic response acknowledging receipt. While we can’t reply to you directly, don’t worry, we are here, eagerly waiting to read your stories. All manuscripts are carefully read, but we can only respond to those who are successful. If we do not contact you within three months of submission, please assume that we have decided not to pursue your manuscript. But don’t forget, very few authors are successful the first time around and you can always try again with a new story.


For queries/ submissions: