Monday, August 6, 2012

Part-Time Copy Editor Wanted for an Online Liberal Journal: The California Progress Report

Post date: Monday, August 6, 2012
The California Progress Report, a leading liberal California on-line policy and political journal, seeks a copy editor. The California Progress Report is principally a forum for progressive organizations to promulgate news and opinion pieces related to their policy work. This is a part-time independent contractor position, requiring an estimated 12 to 15 hours per week.


• Continuous outreach to established environmental, labor, consumer, health care advocacy, LGBT, civil liberties, immigrant rights, senior and other organizations that work on behalf of real legislative and regulatory policy issues, seeking their authorship of original materials representing their organization's views, to post on the site. Editor will be responsible for editing grammar, fact checking sources cited in articles, making minor edits to style, posting edited articles, and writing headlines.

• Screening guest article submissions to determine relevance, quality and accuracy. Posting articles on website. The site welcomes well-written and thoughtful articles, but rejects most freelance opinion writers without organizational ties, and it is not sympathetic to rants. Editor will have mature judgment in occasional editing of materials submitted and in declining submissions that do not meet these guidelines.

• Searching other websites and blogs for materials to re-post on website related to California political and policy matters, including links to other blog site articles, articles that appear in newspapers and Sacramento "insider" email blasts and press releases, and soliciting and editing original news and opinion pieces from progressive organizations that conduct policy work in the state Capitol and elsewhere.

• Scheduling the positing of articles, and developing a bank of articles to post throughout the week, to ensure that new materials is added to website each weekday.

• Preparing and issuing email blast each weekday to subscriber mailing list, with links to new articles.

• Using social media, including posts on Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and similar social engagement tools to promote traffic to website.

• Posting videos, petitions, advertisements and other materials on website.

• Identifying and solving mechanical problems with assistance of tech support.

• Updating links and background materials on website.

QUALIFICATIONS: Position requires regular in person meetings with Sacramento-based publisher. Knowledge of California state policy issues and organizational players is essential. Experience proofreading, editing, and fact checking materials written by others, excellent writing skills, technical knowledge of website content management and online engagement tools, discretion and mature judgment are important.

Location: Sacramento

Compensation: Consulting fee is $1,000 per month.


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