Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Deadline September 1 | Call for Submissions for an Anthology of Essays: 40 Years of Women in the Rabbinate (CCAR Press)

Post date: Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Deadline: 1 September 2012

The CCAR Press is working on a new anthology of essays about the impact of 40 years of women in the Rabbinate. This as yet unnamed volume, edited by Marci Bellows, Renee Goldberg Edelman and Alysa Mendelson Graf, will be the third book in the “Change and
Challenge” Series.

This anthology will deal with the changes that the ordination of women has brought to the Jewish world, and to some extent, to the wider world as well. The major focus of this compilation is ways in which the ordination of women has created change and challenge in our communities, synagogues, institutions, liturgy, rituals, identity, theology, and sense of self. We are, at this stage, looking for essays that go beyond just the personal experience to look at a broad perspective, and possibly draw on texts (classical and contemporary), as well as other research or tools. We are not looking for essays that are focused entirely on a personal story or experience.

The intended audience first is rabbis and their constituents (i.e. congregants, students, etc), and then a general lay audience of adult learners. Being a CCAR member or a rabbi is not necessary requirement for inclusion in this anthology. We welcome submissions from scholars, and from clergy of other movements.

Those topics include but are not limited to;
  • an overview of women rabbis pre-Reform ordination
  • Impact of Women on Congregational Culture
  • How Women have Changed Expectations of Who Rabbi is, What Rabbi Does
  • “Feminization” of the Rabbinate/”Feminization” of Jewish Life
  • Women Rabbis and Feminism
  • Women Rabbis in Israel
  • Women Rabbis and Leadership Styles
  • Women Rabbis in Popular Culture (Books, Films)
  • Women and Power
  • Women Rabbis and Parenting
  • What Constitutes Success: The Senior Goal vs. Choosing Other Goals
  • New Models: Job Sharing, Part-time, and Long Term Associate
  • What Reform Ordination Has Meant for other Denominations/Religions
  • Double Clergy Couples
  • Parallels between Women’s Rights Movement in US
  • Women Rabbis as sexual figures
  • The woman rabbi and clothing
  • Transference: the mother, sister, wife, lover, semi-celebrity
  • Dating and the Single Rabbi
  • Impact of Women Rabbis on Reform Liturgy
  • Impact of Women Rabbis on Life Cycle rituals
  • Impact of Women Rabbis on Theology
  • The impact of Women Rabbis on Male Rabbis
  • or your own related topic.
Those interested in contributing are asked to please contact Rabbi Hara Person with an indication of interest and/or to submit a two paragraph abstract. First drafts, of an expected length of 2,500-3,500 words, will be due Nov 30th, 2012.


For queries/ submissions: