Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Deadline September 1 | Call for Submissions for Pank Magazine's Third Annual Queer Issue (queer people of color also encouraged to submit)

Post date: Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Deadline: 1 September 2012

We are excited to announce the opening of submissions for [PANK’s] third annual queer issue! …This year, we are trying something a little bit different… a THEME. That is, a theme in addition to queerness. Inspired by the new narrativists, a group of queer writers whose work explored the particularities of queer identity as well as identity’s instability and contingency, we invite you to send us your poetry, prose, art and assorted hybrid literary text objects addressing GOSSIP.

Some statements about gossip, to get you going:
  • “I've come to think of ‘gossip’ as a label like ‘cult,’ having more to do with social positioning than content. Thus the Crusades were not a cult activity, but Jonestown was. Isn't all biography gossip?...What is history but fossilized gossip?” – Dodie Bellamy
  • “I’m drawn to writing that touches…how we categorize the world, how we survive the chaos that engulfs us. Gossip as a labor of disenfranchized subjectivity feels rich.” – Dodie Bellamy
  • “The people who know your story are as important as the plot. Gossip registers the difference between a story one person knows and everyone knows, between one person’s story and everyone’s. It it’s a mythology, gods and goddesses, a community and a future.” – Robert Gluck, in Jack the Modernist
The theme is meant to instigate, not confine, and will be interpreted loosely. Remember: These are not guidelines. There are no guidelines – this shit’s queer.

As ever, we are open to any of the following, and most especially to those things we haven’t thought about:
  • Work by, about or representing Queer people of color, women, trans folk, poor Queers, Queers with disabilities, homeless Queers, immigrant Queers, incarcerated Queers, Queers involved in sex work and other street economies, and others who bring the Queer.
  • Work that explores the relationship between formal/aesthetic innovation and Queer identities and experiences.
  • Work that is glamorous, melodramatic, pageant-esque, fashionably unfashionable, camp or kitsch.
  • Work that rejects highbrow-lowbrow distinctions.
  • Queer heterosexuality.
  • “Realist,” “experimental,” “magical realist/surreal/irreal,” “conceptual” writing, and everything in between.
  • Graphic sex and violence, transgression.
  • The grotesque, girlesque, boyesque and potatoesque.
  • Appropriations, transformations or recontextualizations of existing writers or texts.
  • Anything [PANK] would publish anyway, because that’s what [PANK] does.

For submissions: via submittable