Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Deadline August 31 | Call for Submissions - Journey to Crone: A Book of Poems By and About Women (Chuffed Buff Books)

Post date: Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Deadline: 31 August 2012

Open to all forms. We are looking for captivating and insightful poetry that reflects all things maiden, mother and crone. The anthology aims to voice and cherish the vast experiences of womanhood and female wisdom. All subjects, light and dark, welcome.

Multiple submissions are accepted but please see full guidelines before submitting. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted. Only send work that is original, previously unpublished, and for which you hold copyright.

We pay £3.00 for poems up to 20 lines and £6.00 for poems up to 40 lines. Payment is made upon publication via PayPal. Submissions will open on 8th March 2012 to celebrate International Women’s Day and will be accepted on an ongoing basis until late autumn. The book will launch on International Women’s Day 2013. Send submissions to subs@chuffedbuffbooks.com

  • Poems should be no more than 40 lines in length.
  • Submissions should be free from all formatting, single spaced and posted into the body of an email (attachments will not be opened). If your poem requires specific formatting /spacing, let us know in your email. We may ask you to post a hard copy.
  • Mark the subject line of the email with the name of the anthology you are submitting to, separated by a hyphen and the name you wish to be published under. For example: JOURNEY TO CRONE – JANE DOE
  • Please include a brief bio at the end of your submission. There is no need to list all prior publications, just give us a general idea of who you are.
  • If you use a pen name, please make sure the pen name is in the subject line and please make a note of your real name in the email after the bio. (This is for our records, your story will be published under the name in the subject line.)
  • Submissions must not be previously published; this includes print and any form of online publishing (personal blogs, e-Zines, eBooks and/or podcasts, chapbooks).
  • Payments are made by PayPal after the return of a signed contract and upon publication. We pay £3.00 for poems up to 20 lines and £6.00 for poems up to 40 lines. Please do not send poems over 40 lines.
  • Please retain a copy of your submission for your own records.
  • You may submit up to 8 individual poems. Each will be considered on its own merit. Do not send serial poems or poems that are linked.
  • Poems may undergo (very light) editing where required. This will be in consultation with the poet and is most likely to be in the case of obvious typos. Poems in need of work will not be accepted.
  • You retain copyright; however, we will ask for exclusive rights to publish your poem(s) for a set term.
  • We do not accept simultaneous submissions.
  • We do accept multiple submissions (only for poetry) but do not send more until you have had a decision about your first submission.
  • We will respond with a decision within two months from the date we receive your submission. (Please note this is different from the short fiction guidelines.) If you have not heard after two months then please query via email. Submissions will remain open until late autumn 2012.

For queries/ submissions: subs@chuffedbuffbooks.com

Website: http://www.chuffedbuffbooks.com