Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Call for Submissions from Writers of Color around the World - Dampen to Bend: Experimental Anthology (Coal Publishing | international)

Post date: Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Deadline: 30 October 2012

Coal Feminist Review is currently seeking submissions for an upcoming experimental anthology of writing by Women and Men of Colour around the world with feminist / leftist / womanist / wombist / wave feminist leaning. LGBTQ is more than welcomed, but must be aimed at issues facing women, girls and children.

THE THEME OF THE ANTHOLOGY: Modes of Transportation

How people move from one place to another using traditional and non-traditional modes of transportation. This is Philosophical, Political, major life changing events, and the predictable.
Be as creative and as free as your imagingation will take you!

For those submitting investigative reporting or scholarly research, information on refugee women, asylum seekers, incarcerated women, women on death row, women in gangs, honour killings, muslim feminists, witch camps, FGM, other issues affecting women and transportation, etc., would be suitable for publication within this anthology.

PUBLICATION FORMAT: E-publication in February 2013, Print Publication in March 2013

WHAT TO SUBMIT: A well crafted piece of work in poetry, prose, fiction, cross-genre, and non-fiction. Genre specific submission instructions under "How to Submit" below. Experimental works more than welcome.

  • First attachment including: Name, Email, Country of Origin, Nationality, Inspiration (no more than 200 words). Optional: Personal Bio (no more than 200 words), telephone number, address, jpeg photograph (the attachment of the photograph will mean your email submission will have 3 attachments).
  • Second attachment including: Your submission following the criteria in "How to Submit". In the footer of each submission please include your name and page numbers. If submitting multiple genres, please limit to one submission per each genre to not exceed 3 submissions (and please, include in the Header the type of genre your work represents).
  • Email your attachments in doc, docx, or rtf to with "Modes of Transportation" in the subject line.

Please ensure all content is your original work.

  • All submissions are to be double spaced (except for plays), 11 font, Arial or Calibri, Standard 2.54cm margins and in doc, docx, or rtf format. All work must be unpublished (this includes work published on blogs and social networking sites).
  • Poetry: Prose, micro-poetry, Lyrical, Narrative: No more than 5 submissions. No more than 50 lines each poem.
  • Fiction: No more than 2 submissions. Cross-genre no more than 6 pages. Short Stories no more than 7 pages. Letters: (no more than 2 pages). Plays: no more than 15 pages, single spaced.
  • Non-Fiction: Investigative reporting, scholarly research, Biography, Autobiography, Essay - No more than 2 submissions of no more than 3,500 words. This must be socially current, unpublished, original investigation and research.


For queries/ submissions: