Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Call for Submissions from Poets and Designers: Poetry by Design/ Edmonton Poetry Festival

Post date: Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Deadline: 24 August 2012

The Edmonton Poetry Festival is proud to announce the creation of “Poetry By Design”, our first annual Gala Fundraiser. “Poetry By Design” is a collaboration between Edmonton’s vibrant poetry and fashion scenes and we invite you to participate.

Here is the concept:
  • 10 Poets
  • 10 Fashion Designers
  • 1 Theme

Poets and Designers will be partnered and given an overall theme to work with. From this theme we ask you to create a collaborative masterpiece of poetry and design to be auctioned off in support of the Edmonton Poetry Festival. You will work as a pair, so that the pieces created compliment one another. The evening of the Gala we will host a poetic fashion show where models walk the runway during the poetry readings to a packed house at Latitude 53 Art Space. Poems should not exceed 100 lines. Designers are asked to stay under a budget of $100.00 to create their pieces. Are you interested in being a part of this first Gala event to take place on November 1st 2012?

The deadline for submissions (for both poets and designers) is August 24, 2012.

Poets: Poets submit your name and one piece of poetry to rayanne@edmontonpoetryfestival.com

Designers: Designers submit your name and a sketch of a previous work to berylbacchus@yahoo.com

Once we have chosen our 10 poets and designers we will send you and email with your partner’s information and the theme for the evening (Hint – think Mary Oliver).

You do not have to be a published poet or an accredited designer to take part in this event. The vision of the Edmonton Poetry Festival has always been one of inclusion. At the end of the fashion show, and before the auction, the top three teams will be announced as determined by our audience.

Poets and Designers will be highlighted in marketing materials and publicity. As well the final poems and designs will be posted to the Edmonton Poetry Festival website and social media pages. We thank you for supporting the Edmonton Poetry Festival with your creativity and are happy we can provide each artist with valuable exposure, media attention, and connection to larger communities.


For queries/ submissions: rayanne@edmontonpoetryfestival.com (for poets), berylbacchus@yahoo.com (for designers)

Website: http://www.edmontonpoetryfestival.com