Thursday, August 30, 2012

Call for Papers - Women's Manga in Asia: Glocalizing Different Cultures and Identities (WMRC Conference, University of Sydney)

Post date: Thursday, August 30, 2012
Deadline: 15 October 2012

In most cultures, comics have targeted younger male readers. In the case of Japanese manga, however, there are works for almost every generation and life style, and gender boundaries have been falling as well. Furthermore, since the turn of the century, a global manga boom has been underway. This has increasingly meant that manga artists are no longer limited to being Japanese people, nor does a manga necessarily have to be a Japanese product. Also, the manga boom has seemingly helped ease the challenges confronting female artists, the result being that more girls and women have begun both creating and reading comics/manga worldwide. Thus, it is crucial to explore the relation between women and comics/manga from ever-broader perspectives world wide, globally as well as locally.

Our project, “Women and Manga,” will begin this exploration, first in Asia, globally and glocally. Women now dominate the realm of fan-created works, and non-Japanese comics for girls and women contribute significantly to the exploration of gender and sexuality, including but not limited to heterosexual femininity. It seems likely that manga played a role in guiding many women to enter the world of comics as creators as well as readers. Moreover, it should be noted that there even greater potentials for comics as a cultural arena to be explored and examined in relation to women, who have not often been regarded as the main participants in the world of comics.

Women’s Manga in Asia:
Glocalizing Different Cultures and Identities
Dates: 23-25 January, 2013
Venues: 23-24 University of Sydney
25 The Art Gallery of New South Wales

Hosted by:
Women’s Manga Research Project
The Department of Japanese Studies at the University of Sydney
The Art Gallery of New South Wales

  • The following questions will help define our key themes:
  • How do “women” voice themselves via comics/manga?
  • How do “women”represent different cultures and identities in Asia?
  • What role does “manga” play in relation to “women” or gender positioning in
  • general in Asia?
  • How do the conditions of “women” have an effect on comics/manga?
  • How do genres such as shôjo manga, or comics for girls, attribute local
  • ideologies and subjectivities in Asia?
ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: Please submit abstracts of 200 words for proposed 15-minute papers by email to Rebecca Suter or Fusami Ogi. Abstracts should be in English and include a title, your name, affiliation, and contact details (mailing address, email) and a brief description of your paper (200-250 words). We will begin reviewing abstract submissions immediately after the deadline.

PUBLICATION PLANS: We are planning to have a special issue of an academic journal based on the conference, as we did for our conference in 2011, which was expanded into a special issue of the International Journal of Comic Art Vol.13, No.2, Fall 2011.


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