Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Freelance Journalist Wanted at DiversityInc (New Jersey)

Post date: Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Passionate about the news? Did you read The New Jim Crow the first week it was published? Have knowledge of the African-American and/or Latino communities and the issues that resonate with people? DiversityInc is looking for a part-time or freelance experienced journalist to find and write news stories focused on African-American and/or Latino issues.

We don't need primary reporting. We need someone who is connected online and is knowledgeable of the issues and current events that are generating buzz. We're looking for overviews with links to primary reporting and research sources. At least five years experience writing for the web required, video experience a definite plus.

Please send a resume, let us know what you follow and where you go and send us two examples of stories that happened within the last month that we could have should have leveraged. Also send a cover letter emphasizing why diversity is important to you personally and how that is reflected in your work. Our office is in Princeton, NJ. Flexible hours possible. Competitive benefits, salary and performance bonus.


For submissions: apply here

Website: http://diversityinc.com