Monday, July 2, 2012

Call for Submissions from Women Authors: Luna Station Press

Post date: Monday, July 2, 2012
Luna Station Press is based in the wild suburbs of New Jersey and is the brainchild of Jennifer Lyn Parsons, founder of Luna Station Quarterly. Our mission is to bring the oft-unheard voices of female genre writers to the world.

Because we love it and believe in the power of wonder, most of our catalog is an array of speculative fiction, with a bit of poetry and creative non-fiction thrown in for good measure. We also are proud to publish Luna Station Quarterly and its archives. Our books are released quarterly in various ebook formats and POD paperback.

We are currently accepting new manuscripts!


We publish speculative fiction by women writers. (Sorry, Gents!) We love stories in any form, novels, novellas, short stories, etc. and we think women have strong, but unheard voices in speculative literature. Help us give them a voice.

We also publish select poetry collections and are open to all forms, with the only criteria being that we like it. Science fiction and fantasy poetry, fairy tales in poetic form, or straight-up introspection, we’d love to see it.

Finally, we publish non-fiction. We do our best to hunt down quirky, interesting and unique books and authors with unique voices. Have something interesting and unique to say to the world? Let us know.

Please Note: We only publish women authors. Thanks for considering us, guys! We suggest you try or for other markets.


Fiction guidelines: We accept short story collections, novels, novellas, and just about everything in between, so long as it’s woman-authored. Series will be considered, but please note if your manuscript is part of one and include details on your thoughts for the rest of the series (length, basic plot ideas, etc.). Speculative fiction is preferred, but we will leave what defines ‘speculative’ up to you. Space Opera, Cyberpunk, Slip Stream, Sword and Sorcery, Steampunk, Magical Realism, etc. all are welcome. Young Adult titles are welcome, too!

Stuff we don’t want to see:
  • Anything biased toward any religion, race or moral preference
  • Extreme gore or sexual content (everything in moderation)
  • Fan Fiction (original stories only, please)
  • Bad grammar/punctuation (please proofread and watch your sentence structure!)
  • Plagiarism

Otherwise, just about anything goes.

Poetry Guidelines: Have something a bit unusual to share? Awesome. Send it, we would love to see it. Genre poetry collections are welcome, as are more traditional forms. We would love to publish someone’s epic tale in verse form.

Non-Fiction Guidelines: Once again, just about anything goes. Crafting books, memoirs, travel diaries, guidebooks, creative non-fiction, etc. Your manuscript can be a concise treatise on a particular topic, or as wide and rambling as a life fully-lived.


We like to keep things straight forward and simple. You submit your manuscript, we read it, if we like it and think it’s a good fit, we make you an offer. If we don’t think it would be a good fit, we’ll send you a rejection letter. When you submit, you will be emailed an automated confirmation that the file was received. If our queue is particularly long, you will receive a further update if it will take us longer than 6 weeks to come to a decision.

We are committed to our authors and maintain close, communicative relationships with all of them. We strive for quality in all aspects of publication, from editing to formatting to attractive covers that catch the eye and carry the polish that earns respect. It is a basic principle of ours that if you are going to do something, you should do it with your whole heart and do it well.

Our payment terms are simple. Authors get 50% of the NET profits. That’s not the list price, that’s factoring all the weird fees charged by distributors, that’s regardless of format (electronic or paperback). If you google around a bit, you will find that we offer a great royalty rate. We do this because we think it’s fair, taking into account the work we put into everything we produce and the work you have already put into your art.

Royalties are paid quarterly via PayPal or Amazon Gift Card. Totals under $10 will rollover to the next quarter, but will payout the following quarter, regardless of total.


For submissions: via the online submission form