Thursday, July 5, 2012

Call for Submissions for the Fall 2012 Issue of Trivia: Voices of Feminism (women/ lesbians and women of color encouraged to submit)

Post date: Thursday, July 5, 2012
Deadline: 15 August 2012


ISSUE EDITORS: Linda Van Leuven and Monica J. Casper

Death is celebrated in some cultures (Dia de los Muertos, New Orleans jazz funerals), mourned in many, but always deeply interwoven into the popular imagination. But are all deaths equally mourned? Are all lives fully celebrated? In what ways does Death reveal (in practice, through complicating lenses, or as metaphor) how we hold Life—socially, politically, philosophically, and otherwise?

TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism seeks writing and visual art, in any genre, that creatively takes up the theme of death in ways consistent with our mission. We welcome contributions on any topic that “fits” within this theme, but suggest a few possible ideas around which to stimulate/organize/focus your creative work:
  • Spirituality, defiance/acceptance of death
  • Birth, reproduction, death, cycle of life
  • Visual cultures of death (reliquaries, self-immolation, starvation, militarization)
  • Spectacles of death/spectacular deaths (bin Laden, Michael Jackson, 9/11)
  • Clamorous noises of death (celebratory, grievous, agonized, wailing)
  • Silences/absences of death
  • The work of mourning and/or celebrating death
  • Survival, survivorship, the survivor
  • Who can afford to die? (pauper graves to gold coffins and pet cemeteries)
  • Obituaries (as accomplishment, failure, gendered, formal, reflective of structure)
  • Loss, grief, trauma and/or hope, memory, forgiveness
  • Erotics and/or poetics of death
  • Women writers who kill themselves (Plath, Sexton, Woolf, etc.)
  • Death as transitional space, liminal space, metaphor
  • Remotely delivered death (drone bombing, lethal injection, canary in the coal mine)
  • Institutionalized death (e.g., hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, military)
  • Cross-cultural, transnational, global death (wars, migration, neoliberalism, imperialism)
  • Nature, environment (death of Mother Earth, planetary destruction)
  • Assassination (particularly the female assassin)
  • The “murderess” in pop culture
  • “Letting die” through oppressive social practices

As always, submissions that do not fit the theme issue will also be accepted, but note if your writing and/or art is for the theme issue or a general submission. The deadline for all submissions for Fall 2012 is August 15, 2012, for a launch date of October 1, 2012. Please use our online submission system.


We seek original feminist contributions in the following categories:

* Art, Photography, and Digital Media
* Creative Nonfiction
* Critical Essays
* Fiction
* Interviews
* Poetry
* Special Categories: "After-Readings" and "Trivial Lives"

In addition to these categories, if you have an idea for a contribution that would not likely fit here (e.g., reprint of a historic document, a book or film review, an obituary, criticism), please contact us here. We’re happy to consider your ideas and suggestions.

Please note that consistent with our editorial vision, we operate with (and within) an expansive definition of feminism, one that recognizes diversity of thought and practice across boundaries and borders of all kinds. That said, TRIVIA especially welcomes submissions from radical feminists, lesbians, women of color, and other marginalized groups.


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