Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Correspondents from Diverse Backgrounds Wanted at Amplify Your Voice (US)

Post date: Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Deadline: 30 June 2012

Advocates for Youth is looking for enthusiastic writers and content creators ages 16-24 to be featured contributors to Amplify, the online community for young people interested in the reproductive and sexual health and rights movement. The issue areas are reproductive and sexual health and rights, which include abortion rights, HIV prevention, LGBT rights, and how sex/sexuality are portrayed in popular culture and the media. You will:

1) Beginning in August 2012, work with Amplify staff mentors to develop writing and new media skills and contacts.

2) Have your work spotlighted on www.amplifyyourvoice.org.

3) Receive a monthly stipend of $125.

Applicants should have a strong interest in reproductive and sexual health and rights; be good writers or content creators; and have an interest in current events, media commentary, popular culture, and/or blogs and blogging. We are interested in inexperienced/unpublished correspondents as well as those with an existing background in blogging, journalism, or video blogging.


1) Working with Amplify staff, you will develop, create, and revise two features per month to be featured on Amplify

2) You will also post a minimum of ten brief/informal posts per month: quick commentary on the news, other great blog posts you have seen, or reposting relevant infographics, pictures, and video.

3) You’ll share Amplify content on social media each month (or work with staff to develop a social media presence if you don’t have one); participate in the Amplify community by commenting on others’ work; and try out new features/functionality on the Amplify website.


1) An email that describes your background (coursework, experience, or interest in journalism, writing/blogging, or activism) and why you are interested in the position.

2) A writing sample – can be a blog or journalism piece you have had published elsewhere, or submit an a 300-400 word or 2 minute video piece on a topic related to the Amplify issue areas listed above.

3) Please include your full name, geographic location, and age.

Youth from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Please apply by June 30, 2012.


For queries/ submissions: emily@advocatesforyouth.org

Website: http://www.amplifyyourvoice.org