Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Call for Travel Stories: Passion Fruit Women's Travel Journal

Post date: Tuesday, June 19, 2012
From Paper Pencil Pen: Michele Jin is soliciting content for all departments of Passionfruit. She pays $50 per feature article or first-person essay for the front page (previously published works are fine, with nonexclusive rights). Or, if you don't have something polished, she encourages writers to submit Journal Entries, which can include links back to your own posted blog. Outstanding posts will be chosen for the front page. In the future, she hopes to publish book anthologies based on past issues.


On our front page, we publish tales of adventure and cultural exchange. We are interested in travel as catharsis, travel as a metaphor for life. We place a high value on compelling narration, and on humor. Good photography, video, and/or artwork is a plus, as well.

Most of our front-page stories are first-person narratives, but we also publish third-person articles exploring, for example, environmental issues or concerns specific to women travelers. And we will consider exceptional pieces of fiction and poetry.

We welcome guidebook style reviews of travel ammenities on our forum, but we do not publish that kind of thing on the front page.

For a better idea of what we are looking for, please read some of the stories on the front page and take a look at the list of departments on the left-hand toolbar.

All of our front page features are professionally edited. The author will have an opportunity to approve the edited story before it is posted.

Stories are shared on this website at the discretion of the author and will be removed at the author's request. The author owns all rights to her work and may reuse it however she pleases.

Keep in mind, however, that copyright laws apply to all content on this website. Please do not republish, repost or otherwise reproduce any of our stories or images without the consent of the author. If we discover theft or plagiary of any of our content, we will help the author prosecute.


We will not tolerate personal attacks, blatant trolling, or patently offensive posts. Commercial posts are also prohibited. (If you would like to advertise on this website, please contact us.) Abusive content will be removed and offenders banned at the discretion of the editor/webmaster. Please report abusive posts using the provided link or by emailing michele@passionfruit.com.


For queries/ submissions: michele@passionfruit.com

Website: http://www.passionfruit.com