Friday, June 22, 2012

Call for Submissions for Tough and Tender: A Literary/ Photographic Project to Celebrate Women's Experience of the Bicycle

Post date: Friday, June 22, 2012
Deadline: 15 July 2012

Women’s experience of cycling is not celebrated enough in bicycle communities. Cycling is a male dominated activity and industry, and it’s our experience as women and female bodied individuals that cycling empowers and inspires us in ways which are not portrayed by mainstream bicycle culture.

WHO: Women as defined by the individual (female bodied and or female identified). Ten contributors will be randomly selected to receive 15% off of a swift industries order, to be announced in late August. Did you contribute in 2011? We are so happy to have you back! You will not, however, qualify for the discount this time to give new contributors the chance to get a little hook-up.

PROJECT GUIDELINES: Please submit a web-quality photograph (400-500 pixels) along with your 300–500 word literary piece describing of your relationship with bicycles, touring, and the bike industry. Stories may, but do not need to focus thematically on gender. Please tell us about how you experience strength, determination, joy, and satisfaction through the the bicycle.

Written submissions should be word doc files, with your name, age, email contact and place of residence included in the heading

Attach the jpeg photograph on the email

Send all contributions to info(at) “re: tough and tender”

SWIFT INDUSTRIES’ USE OF YOUR ESSAYS AND IMAGES: By sending Swift Industries your Tough & Tender contribution, you are agreeing to let Swift Industries use the images and written material in future web and printed material. We have long wanted to produce a zine or book about ladies and bike-touring. We promise to give accurate credit if we indeed publish your work.

August will celebrate your contributions by publishing your submissions on Cycleswift,


For queries/ submissions: