Friday, June 29, 2012

Call for Submissions for Still Figuring it Out: A Feminist Coming-of-Age (New York)

Post date: Friday, June 29, 2012
Submissions are now open for STILL FIGURING IT OUT, a feminist coming-of-age
  • A Mini-Show and Event curated by Ana Cecilia Alvarez
  • On view at Recession Art at CULTUREfix on August 9-13
  • An opening and event will take place on August 9 at 7:30

Still Figuring it Out will consist of a night of performances, readings, and screenings, a long with a small exhibition of visual works. Works in Still Figuring it Out can be of any medium, including readings of literary works. Due to limitations of the space, and the “event” focus of the exhibition, performances, videos, and readings are strongly suggested, though visual work and photography are also encouraged.


To many women, especially those still in the throes of their formative years of adolescence, the word “feminism”can be at once nebulous and uncomfortable, while still inspiring a newfound sense of empowerment. Still Figuring it Out hopes to delve into the awkward yet cherished growing pains of “becoming” a feminist. This exhibition and event will concentrate on artworks that tell of a feminist’s coming-of-age. If a young artist claims the title “feminist,” in any of its varied iterations, how do they interpret feminist concerns, and how do these intersect with their relationships, their beliefs, their priorities, their art?

This exhibition is not necessarily looking for “feminist art” or art that directly deals with “feminist issues.” On the other hand, it hopes to challenge any concrete definition of this term, and instead understand feminism as a fluid spectrum that can be navigated and negotiated through art. There is no final declaration of “this is feminism for me,” instead the exhibition hopes to capture the process of “figuring out” how this historically contradictory and divisive label can complicate and inform “growing up,” or in less precise, but perhaps more poignant terms, “becoming one’s self.” As the title suggests, this exercise is continually remerging and fails to provide one definitive conclusion, for just as “feminism” as an ideology or political label has never provided one stable identity in the last 50 years, identifying what it means to be a feminist can take a lifetime to figure out.

Please contact with submissions. In your email please include a short bio and artist statement, along with a brief explanation of your art piece and images if applicable. If you are submitting a literary work, please limit the piece to under 1000 words and attach it to your submissions email. Artists will be notified as soon as possible if their works have been selected. More definitive details of the time and date of the event will be provided.


Ana Alvarez is a Mexico City native that grew up in Miami. She attends Brown University and focuses her studies on contemporary art, curatorial studies, non-fiction writing, and feminist critique. She also dabbles in photography and sculpture work and hopes to spend her life writing about and working alongside artists. In the past she has worked in the contemporary art department of the RISD Museum in Providence, RI and at various galleries in the Wynwood Art District of Miami. In her spare time at school, Ana is the Arts Editor for The College Hill Independent, a weekly alternative press in Providence, RI and leads the Feminists at Brown student organization.


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