Thursday, June 28, 2012

Call for Submissions: The Best of Manchester Poets (UK)

Post date: Thursday, June 28, 2012
Deadline: 17 August 2012

We are now inviting submissions for the THIRD volume of Best of Manchester Poets (BoMP), to be published in December 2012. You can submit two poems and it’s free of charge to do so. The deadline for submissions is Friday, 17th August 2012.

We invite contributions from anybody who calls themselves a Manchester poet. Learn more here.

Anonymous entries, or those lacking contact details, will not be accepted. You can submit poems under a pseudonym or performing name. In either case, you must provide valid contact details, including the full name by which you’re known day-to-day, so we can get in touch with you. We won’t share your details with anybody else.

You’ll be invited to copy and paste your poems into a web page in order to send them to us. If this leaves you scratching your head, you can email no more than two poems to If even email seems a step too far, you can post no more than two poems to BoMP3 Submissions, Puppywolf, c/o OpenSpace, Unit 1, 41 Old Birley Street, Hulme, Manchester, M15 5RF. But please do try copying and pasting your poems first!

Please do not post or email more than two poems and ask us to choose our favourites! That’s not how it works! Don’t forget to include your contact details. We cannot return manuscripts, so only send copies.


Here are the terms and conditions for those who wish their work to appear in Best of Manchester Poets.

We’ve worked hard to make things as fair as possible. To suggest changes, or if you have any questions, get in touch.


We must receive your entries by the end of Friday, 17th August 2012. You can submit entries using our submissions form, by email, or by post to BoMP3 Submissions, Puppywolf, c/o OpenSpace, Unit 1, 41 Old Birley Street, Hulme, Manchester, M15 5RF. We cannot return manuscripts, so only send copies. Note: We can’t accept personal callers.

Submission is free of charge.

Anonymous entries will not be accepted. Any entries lacking contact details will be considered anonymous, so will not be accepted.

You’re welcome to use a pseudonym but as an individual you can only submit a maximum of two poems. Should you use a pseudonym or performing name, we won’t publish or share your real name with anybody. However, any contact details supplied must be valid, and we must know the name by which you’re known day-to-day, in order for us to get in touch with you.

We will need to get in touch with you to discuss things such as proofing your page in the book, your place in any launch events we organise, and so on.

ELIGIBILITY: You must be aged 18 or over. The goal of the anthology is to present the best work produced by poets living in Manchester at the present time, or works by those who live elsewhere but identify themselves as Manchester poets. Our definition of a ‘Manchester poet’ is vague. However, here are some guidelines that might help you decide if you’re eligible to submit:

1. You live in Greater Manchester. This includes the boroughs of Bury, Bolton, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, and Wigan; or

2. You live outside of Greater Manchester but you regularly perform/read in Manchester; or

3. You live outside of Greater Manchester but you consider yourself part of the scene (you frequently attend performances/readings, for example); or

4. At the time of submission (June 2012) and publication (December 2012) you are enrolled on a Creative Writing course at a Manchester educational institution (including those who live elsewhere but are completing correspondence and/or online courses).

What if you were born in Manchester but now live elsewhere and don’t perform or read in Manchester, or study here? We’d suggest that you’re not eligible. If you’ve any questions, click the Contact link above to get in touch.

LANGUAGE: Best of Manchester Poets is an English language anthology and we request poems substantially in English, although phrases in foreign languages are of course fine. However, for copyright reasons it is unlikely we’ll be able to reproduce quotations from popular songs, books, or other copyright works, regardless of the original language, so these should be omitted from your work when you submit.


Poems included in the forthcoming anthology will be chosen by members of the Best of Manchester Poets editorial panel, which consists of several established names from the Manchester poetry scene. The decision of the editorial panel and publisher is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

We operate a two-stage, anonymous selection process. Each poem is first stripped of any identifying details. It is then randomised with other submitted poems and handed to the chief editor for the first round evaluation. The chief editor carefully evaluates all the poems submitted, reading each several times. He/she will reject any poems that in his/her experience and judgement would unquestionably never be selected for the book, although if there is the slightest doubt then the poem will go through to the second round. The rejected poems are also reviewed by the publisher.

Second round poems, which will still include the majority of entries, are then evaluated by the entire editorial panel. Each editor reads the poem and gives it a score. These are then aggregated and the highest scoring poems are included in the anthology.

Additionally, each editor has a joker they can play to force a poem to be included that might not have scored highly but they believe has merit.

SUBJECT MATTER: We welcome poems on the theme of Manchester but the work you submit can cover absolutely any topic. We do not ask for poems in any particular style or of a particular length. If you call it a poem, we’re interested in looking at it.

PROOFING/CORRECTIONS: If you poem is selected for inclusion we will send you a PDF of the page(s) for you to proof read prior to publication. Because of time limitations, postal entries will be proof read by the publishing team to the best of its ability.

COPYRIGHT: You retain the copyright in the poem(s) you submit to Puppywolf. Assuming they are accepted for publication, you grant Puppywolf non-exclusive rights to reproduce the poem(s) in the Best of Manchester Poets anthology. We don’t ask for exclusivity in any way, shape or form — we don’t mind if the poems have been published elsewhere, and we don’t mind if you publish them elsewhere at any stage.

PAYMENT: Put simply, we just can’t afford to pay you. We’d like to but there just isn’t any money in the poetry publishing business (outside of the big names/companies) and Best of Manchester Poets does not make any kind of profit. Our main goal is to avoid losing money. That said, if Best of Manchester Poets does make money above and beyond covering costs (printing, marketing, labour etc.) then we will put the money straight into a payment scheme for the next volume of Best of Manchester Poets.

GETTING COPIES: If your work is included in the book you’ll be eligible to buy a copy of Best of Manchester Poets at cost price: £5, against the retail price of £9.99, although these details might change. NOTE: We will not make any money on this! The price is literally be the cost of printing the book plus shipping costs! Any other copies you require above and beyond this will have to be bought at the retail price, either direct from us, or from one of our retailers.


For queries:

For submissions: via the online submission form