Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Call for Storytellers: Queer Memoirs (NY LGBT storytelling series)

Post date: Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Queer Memoir is New York’s community-based LGBT storytelling series. We want to hear YOUR stories, whether you’re terrified of speaking in public or do it every day!

If the Moth’s motto is “real stories, told live without notes” our motto is “real stories, told live with whatever you need to tell it; whether that’s notes or ativan.”

Participants share memoir themed work in 8-10 minutes slots, using whatever genre or communication method they prefer. This could be reading from written work, informal storytelling, stand up comedy, a musical number, a dance, or something we haven’t even thought of yet.We’ve had folks tell stories by live drawing, with songs, an obscene powerpoint presentation, etc.


Look at our themes for upcoming shows and their corresponding dates. See something that fits a story you’d like to tell? Email with the theme and date of the event and a little bit about your story. It doesn’t have to be the whole thing, just a short summary and how you’d develop it. If you’ve written about the event/story before, and want to include that, awesome. If not, the summary is great. Then tell us a little bit about yourself, how you identify, what your passion in life is, etc., and tell us why you’d like to share at Queer Memoir.

If you have a story you want to share, but can’t quite figure out how to tell it, tell us that too. We can help! We’re glad to sit down with you and figure out how to structure your story, what details are essential, etc.

if you’d like to snail mail us, email for an address. If you know someone who’d like to share but isn’t big on the whole internet thing, we can provide a phone number as well.

  • Sunday, July 29 Queer Memoir: Decades (in collaboration with the Fresh Fruit Festival, looking for LGBT identified people who have stories about their interactions–political, romantic, friendships, other- of LGBT identified people from another decade)
  • Saturday, September 8: Queer Memoir: TEACH/PREACH
  • Saturday, October Queer Memoir: NERD (October date subject to change)
  • Saturday, November 3 Queer Memoir: AWKWARD
  • Saturday December 8: Queer Memoir: DEAD

We’re also looking for 3-4 storytellers for our new initiative QUEER MEMOIR ON THE MOVE that involves telling stories in public places! Our first event will be on the A train. Storytellers and audience members will meet on the 207 Street platform in Inwood so we can all be seated in the same car. This is definitely in the experimental stage and will require some courage, but if you feel like this is something you’d like to try, please tell us about your On the Move themed story! Please note that this will be an all ages “show” because all ages ride the subway.


For queries/ submissions: