Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stories Sought for Anthology: Chica Peeps

Post date: Thursday, March 22, 2012
Chica Peeps: a sisterhood of strength and support; a group of women who anchor, guide and nurture each other, often through humor. Are there Chica Peeps in your life? We are seeking submissions for a soon-to-be-published short story anthology - true stories, written from the heart, about three or more women friends


There is NO FEE to submit OR appear in our anthology!

As a thank you, we are offering an 'Original Chica Peeps' bracelet (Jeanne's bracelet) to the authors of the stories chosen for publication.

- a Chica Peep group should consist of at least three women since this is not an anthology about best friends

- Timeline for submission: we're concerned about 'quality' submissions rather than deadlines

- If possible, please limit submissions to 2,000 words or fewer and email to: (double spacing is preferred, but not mandatory)

- Or, snail-mailed (stories may be typed or even written in long-hand) to: Velya Jancz-Urban, 785 Main Street North, Woodbury, CT 06798

- Please include your name and contact information in order that we can be in touch.

- Please include your approximate age not for publication, just for us because we hope to represent Chica Peeps from a variety of age groups

- Photos of your Chica Peeps are welcome, but not required.

- Don't get all hung up on grammar, sentence structure, mechanics - that can all be edited - We simply want your story ~ WE'LL WORK WITH YOU!

- All submissions will be personally acknowledged, and those not chosen for publication will be returned.


For inquiries:

For submissions: