Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Respect Da Mic Poetry Writing Workshop at the Harvey Grantt Center for African-American Arts and Culture

Date: 13 October 2012 (12nn - 1pm)

Join the Respect Da Mic Poetry Slam Team as we bring you an afternoon of poetry.
  • Location: Performance Suite, Harvey Grantt Center, Charlotte, NC
  • Ages: All ages
  • Costs: Free
Starting at noon, the pen meets the paper. The Respect Da Mic Slam Team will facilitate a writing and performance workshop for the poet within you. If you are just beginning your journey, or if you are a seasoned writer in need of different tools to enhance your work, this workshop will help you to stretch your writing potential.

This is for everyone and it's FREE!


For queries/ submissions: (704) 547-3700

Website: http://www.ganttcenter.org/
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Call for Submissions for RED: Literary and Art Journal of the Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas

Deadline: 1 November 2012

Poetry, prose, and art is now being accepted for the inaugural issue of (RED) the Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas (NWCA) literary and art journal. It will be available online and print on demand. The first special issue is titled: HUMMA (RED): A Journal of Indigenous Literature and Art.

ABOUT THE JOURNAL: Our mission is to promote, encourage, and ensure that the voice of Native and Indigenous/ Indigenous-descended writers and storytellers–past, present, and future–are heard around the world. In addition to this, we seek to create a space for Indigenous inclusive, well composed, traditional, contemporary, adventurous, and interdisciplinary arts (literary and visual). We support artists of Native/Indigenous descent who give expression to survivals, voices, and unique gazes on life in the paracolonial Americas. While we encourage ALL Native/Indigenous artists, we seek to publish the best of the best, high-quality, well-composed art, both literary and visual.

Each issue of the journal will be titled “Red” in a tribal language, with (RED): A Journal of Indigenous Literature and Art acting as the over-all subtitle for the journal. The inaugural issue is titled HUMMA, the Choctaw word for red, and will celebrate 20 years of NWCA and Returning the Gift (RTG). The name HUMMA, celebrates Oklahoma as the site of the first RTG and the headquarters of NWCA for 20 years. As such, we will highlight past NWCA first book award winners as well as Lifetime Achievement award winners, alongside general submissions.

FOR GENERAL SUBMISSIONS: Please send 3-4 previously unpublished poems (no more than 7 pages total); for prose send no more than 2,500 words of short fiction or novel chapter. We do allow simultaneous submissions but should your work be accepted elsewhere, please notify us immediately. Please send all submissions as a single document. Include a cover letter with your name, contact information (including snail mail and e-mail), Indigenous affiliation and/or ancestry (descent), and the titles of your submitted works. Your name should not appear on the works themselves. Your submission will go through a blind editorial review process. For art, please follow guidelines above but submit only 1-2 original images as a jpg. If your work is accepted, you will be asked for a bio. Please do not send one with your submission.

Our site will go live Winter 2012/13 when we launch our first issue.


For queries: nwca.board@gmail.com

For submissions: via submittable
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Call for Papers on Black Theatre (ATHE Conference, Florida)

Deadline: 10 October 2012

The Black Theatre Association (BTA), a Focus Group of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE), invites complete panel proposals and individual abstracts for ATHE’s 2013 conference.

In light of the conference location in Orlando and the theme, “P(L)AY: Performance, Pleasure and Pedagogy,” BTA is particularly interested in panels and papers that explore questions of play and playfulness within the performance, study and teaching of black theatre, and considerations of the prices artists and audiences pay for their play. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):
  • Comedy, satire, parody and farce in black drama.
  • Black theatre and the economics of the entertainment marketplace.
  • Playful pedagogical approaches to difficult conversations about race in performance
  • New players redefining black performance: Tyler Perry, Christian performance artists, post-black playwrights, or others.
  • Black theatre artists engaging with younger audiences.
  • Linguistic and rhetorical strategies: signifyin(g), improvisation, “the dozens,” etc.
Proposers must submit all requests for anticipated audiovisual needs, conference grants, or guest passes with proposal submission. Please note: ATHE limits all participants to 2 presentations at each conference.

You can use BTA’s email list to discuss panel ideas with other scholars and artists and to solicit contributors for panel proposals. If you are already a subscriber, send your message directly to blacktheatreassociationlist@athe.org. Or send your message to BTA Secretary Eunice Ferreira: eferreir@skidmore.edu.

The Black Theatre Association (BTA) is an organization composed of scholars, graduate students, and theatre artists of differing ages, races, colors, genders, national origins, religious beliefs, shapes, and sizes. Our unified interest in the critical study of Black theatre from a global perspective informs our collective desire to inform and promote the experiences of Black people as expressed in various forms of drama and performance. If you are interested in joining BTA at no cost, please visit our website at http://tinyurl.com/btahome. Or, visit http://www.athe.org/ and click on BTA under the Focus Groups tab.

  • November 1st for complete panel proposals — online at http://www.athe.org
  • October 10th for individual paper proposals — please email a 200-word abstract to Jonathan Shandell, BTA Conference Planner

For queries/ submissions: shandelj@arcadia.edu

Website: http://www.athe.org
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Job Vacancy: Associate Editor for Harlequin's Love Inspired Series (New York)

Harlequin is seeking a qualified individual, with experience and interest in wholesome and sweet Christian romances, to fulfill the Associate Editor position within our Series Editorial group. The individual is responsible for acquiring authors, developing manuscripts and author management. The primary purpose is to ensure the ongoing and timely supply of high quality, saleable titles for the program.

LOVE INSPIRED BOOKS: Launched in 1997, and offers readers wholesome romances with a Christian worldview. The Love Inspired series features contemporary romances with Christian heroes and heroines facing the challenges of life and love in small town America. Six mass-market titles are published every month.

HARLEQUIN: A Toronto-based company, Harlequin publishes over 110 titles a month in 31 languages in 111 international markets on six continents. These books are written by over 1,200 talented authors worldwide, offering women a broad range of reading from romance to bestseller fiction, from young adult novels to erotic literature, from nonfiction to fantasy, from African-American novels to inspirational romance, and more.

  • Performs all editorial functions including reading and evaluating proposals and line editing
  • Oversees copy editing and author approval/alterations
  • Provides editorial input into packaging design in order to ensure key selling features are reflected in the product package
  • Provides input for vision team meetings with Art and Marketing, recommends titles and writes back cover copy and back page ads
  • Manages and develops the author base to elicit the highest quality of writing while maintaining positive relationships with authors
  • Works with respective author base to ensure correct editorial fit for the publishing strategy for the line
  • Reads submissions, responds to author/agents and monitors payments to authors
  • Represents the program/company at both internal and external conferences and with the media
  • Undergraduate degree
  • 4+ years of progressive experience in publishing including editorial focus
  • Must be interested in wholesome and sweet Christian romances
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • A team player and open communicator
Email your cover letter, résumé, booklist and your minimum salary requirement. Indicate "Associate Editor – Love Inspired" in the subject line. No phone calls or agencies.


For queries/ submissions: NYResumes@Harlequin.ca

Website: http://www.harlequin.com/
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Call for Submissions for Fresh Meat: Trans and Queer Survivors on In-Community Assault

Deadline: 31 July 2013

Some queer and trans* people have no reason to love queer or trans* communities. Some of us will never call- nor wish to call- queer community home. Exposed primarily to its failures- its classism, racism, misogyny, ableism, sizeism, self-perpetuating violence- we are exiles, bitter, wandering among trans* and cis, homo and hetero communities that cannot or will not hold our truths.

Queer and trans* communities, like any communities, play out the isms, insecurities, and carefully policed insularities of the dominant culture. “Family”, we frequently name each other- chosen family, beloved community- and yet like any other family, we've got skeletons in our closet. Hurt and fear carry as much influence as joy here, abuse- physical, emotional, sexual- as much our shared experience as pride.

Living through trauma is like dropping into the underworld. Unimaginably displaced from our communities, our bodies, our sense of security and safety in the world, we wander penumbral places of fear and possibility from which we must take flight or fall. Confined to liminalities, we are not inclined to slap on rainbow smiles and pretend that nothing happened. It happened. It happened in us and we carry it, all of us, regardless of the vibrancy of our rainbow banner.

SO, WHAT'S FRESH MEAT? Imagine an anthology written not by experts but directly by us, the people who lived it, from the ground up. An anthology of stories that neither pretends that women don't rape nor that everyone who is raped is a woman. An anthology that acknowledges systematic oppression as trauma. An anthology that acknowledges that systematically oppressed peoples do each other violence, even as they attend three hour work planning sessions complete with fresh fruit and iced water to plan their liberation. Imagine an anthology that is specifically by and for queer and trans* survivors of in-community trauma- in all of our wit, boldness, and brilliancy- that is not so much a guidebook to our healing as a map of our return- where we've been, where we're going, where we wish we were.

Fresh Meat aspires to be that anthology: a queer community coming out, the skeletons of in-community trauma assuming for ourselves flesh and voice, shape-shifting through page and possibility as we perform stories uniquely new and deeply entrenched. For some of us, these skeletons are not our secrets but our most intimate stories, deadly to pack away, imperative to be witnessed, validated, illuminated. Please help us throw wide this cumbrous closet door to the light of duh, people: it happened, it happens, we're here.

WHAT SORTS OF WORK ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Is this supposed to be, like, art? We have an extensive wish list: creative nonfiction, experimental fiction and nonfiction, hybrids, calls to action, speculative fiction, flash, revenge fantasies, fabulist pieces, ergodic works, poetry, lyric essays, plays, prayers, screenplays, postcards, drawings, graphic art, photographs of flesh, fear, or dance, letters, appropriated texts, song lyrics, and any other form of text or page-based expressions are wildly welcomed. We hope to explore every possibility of rage, forgiveness, love, loss, and transformation as we clack-dance our skeletons out of the queer-pride closet.

We also hope to include works derived from poly and sex positive communities that overlap within queer or trans* experiences; works that explore the violent impacts of misogyny, the ridiculousness of trying to access gender-based support services when you have more than one gender, the confluence of race, support, and access, the sick joke that is only funny to you cause laughing is better than laying in bed another day, and the contraindications of class or locality on help and healing. Also, long erratic musings on nonviolent transformation vs. beating the **** out of that ******** ******, how you came to accept your health and wholeness by pounding spaghetti dipped in red paint onto canvases you made from your old bedsheets, and what you really thought about that support group that you had to start yourself once you were discharged from the nuthouse again.

And more. We want raw, witty, mesmerizing, bold. Art in all of its possibility and messiness. Down in the underworld, we learned how deep the wells of our creativity and resiliency really were. Draw from there: breathe life into it, animate.

WHEN SHOULD I SEND IN the postcard with the flash piece about the survivor art I made from painted spaghetti and an old bedsheet? Works should be 1-35,000 words, negotiable, and double spaced in .rtf, .doc, or .pdf format. Previously published and simultaneous submissions are fine; please just let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere, as well as all relevant information for any previous publishers. We anticipate going through each submission thoroughly and respectfully, while taking the time to care for ourselves and our personal triggers, so the response time may be several months.

WHO CAN WRITE FOR THIS? Are y'all gonna, like, double-check to make sure I'm really gay? Please only submit if you are or have lived through, or have loved or known someone who has lived through (or is living through), the experience of in-community queer or trans* assault. We talk about assault, for the purposes of this anthology, as the ability to carry out threats of emotional, corporeal, intellectual, implied, verbal, community, or psychological harm due to violence, disruption, or lack of accountability in all of their myriad forms. We believe assault is self-defined. Our job as editors is to curate your stories and archives of healing, and we will not police, invalidate, background-check, or shame you or the manifestations your trauma creates.

**On consent: please note that we value consent and believe that disrespecting the laws of consent further or re-traumatizes victims and survivors. That noted, make sure you receive consent from those you love if you are writing their stories.

What do I do if writing for this triggers the poo out of me? For survivor-led, queer, trans, and BDSM-knowledgable emotional support for triggers that this project may trip up on, please call The Network/La RedThe Network/La Red hotline at 617.742.4911 or 617.227.4911(tty).

WHO ARE Y'ALL, ANYWAY? July Westhale is a bossy femme writer, activist, and radical archivist with a weakness for botany and hot air balloons. She works as an editor for Arktoi Books (an imprint of Red Hen), Narrative Magazine, and Copper Canyon Press, and writes the Litseen San Francisco column Hello, Typewriter. She was recently nominated for the Best New Poets of 2012 anthology. www.julywesthale.com

TT Jax is a parent, partner, mixed-media artist, and writer currently living in the Pacific Northwest by way of 28 years in the Deep South. He is a columnist and associate editor for LambdaLiterary.org, blog editor of Specter Magazine , a certified Celebrant, a doula-in-training, a Salmon Steward, a survivor, and a welfare mom. He blogs about homelessness, PTSD, disability, abortion, transitions, dreams, killer bacon cheese dogs, and time at www.ttjax. com.


For queries/ submissions: freshmeatanthology@gmail.com

Website: http://freshmeatanthology.wordpress.com/
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Call for Stories from the Stove: Charnwood Arts

Deadline: 31 October 2012

Do you like to cook? Do you have a really special recipe? Enter our writing competition 'Into-nosh-an-all!!'

Our cooking is influenced from every Continent and corner of the world by the communities that live amongst us...... even now my mouth is watering at the thought of chilli paneer, chicken tikka, enchilada's, Singapore fried rice, and a nice roast dinner. We only have to look along the High Street at the vast array of food take outs, almost a different meal for everyday of the year! If you think about it, all these fabulous meals came from somewhere, from somebody's recipe book, from somebody's granny passed down through generations, from a mother showing her daughter, from a Chef throwing together the local produce in a moment of inspiration.

So, we at Charnwood Arts are asking for your family recipes, those really special ones, the ones that have been passed down, the ones you always have on special occasions, the ones that when you smell the aroma's you are transported to a different place. Tell us where the recipe came from, what invokes those memories for you, what the occasion was, why the recipe is so special. We want both your stories and your recipes, winning entries will have their recipes printed in a book, on a dedicated website and have your recipe launched at a celebrity event evening in the Autumn!

So e-mail your entries or send them by post to Charnwood Arts, 27 Granby Street, Loughborough, LE11 3DU marking your envelope 'INTONOSHANALL COOKERY COMPETITION'.

Charnwood Arts reserve the rights to use winning entries on their online forums, websites and publications.


For queries/ submissions: rebecca.abrahams@charnwoodarts.com or meenavyas10@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.charnwoodarts.com/
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scheduled September 7 | Call for Poets for Finding Eve: Poetry and Praise (Atlanta)

Date: 7 September 2012

Finding Eve is looking for poets to join us on Friday, September 7th, for Poetry and Praise!

Join us every first Friday at The Funkshion Factory
608 Interchange Drive, Atlanta, GA.30336
$10pp at the door

 ​We are planning some great events at Finding Eve Soul Cafe for everyone. Whether you are single or married! View our flier for event details at a glance and if you have questions or want to participate as a vendor, artist or sponsor; contact us at findingevesoulcafe@gmail.com


For queries/ submissions: findingevesoulcafe@gmail.com

Website: http://www.findingevesoulcafe.com/
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